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Casein buttons made by Lozio ®

Casein buttons

Casein is a natural by-product of milk, used to make casein buttons, which are part of the quality button range.


Casein was also known as imitation ivory on account of its whitish colour, or even more popularly as milk stone.  It has been used to make buttons since its invention in the early 1900s.

More specifically, casein buttons appeared at the start of the 20th century and became very popular as part of the Art Nouveau fashions of the 20s and 30s.

In fact, casein buttons can be moulded into countless shapes and colours and during the period of peak use, many were made in bold animal, flower and bird shapes.

One of the main qualities of casein buttons is the infinite range of colours they can have since casein is very porous and perfect for colouring by soaking in dye. This means that casein buttons can be used in all the different colour nuances of the very latest fashion shades.

For higher volume orders, instead of soaking the finished buttons, the casein can be coloured at source while it is being made, making it possible to have an infinite range of grains and colour structures in the form of sheets, rods and rolls of different thickness as well as tubes, which are then handcrafted to create a wide range of shapes and colours.

Casein buttons are excellent for imitating such materials as wood, tortoiseshell and horn and when they first came on the scene they were a revolutionary element of the industrial system of button manufacture.  Today, rather than as mere imitations, casein buttons are used to accentuate the creativity of fashion designers who work on an industrial scale.

Casein buttons are velvety and warm to the touch as well as able to withstand temperatures of up to 150 degrees.

Lozio ® constantly renews its catalogue of casein buttons which, on account of the ductile nature of this material, can be made, coloured and customised in infinite variations.

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