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Corozo buttons made by Lozio ®

Corozo buttons are among the best types to be made on an industrial scale. Who would have thought that a tropical palm with large heavy nuts, the poor relation of the coconut, and used mainly in the 1700s as ballast for sailing ships, would have gone on to become a major material in button factories the world over, and making corozo buttons so famous?


Buttons in corozo, which is also known as vegetable ivory, first made their appearance in around 1870 in Germany and immediately after in Italy. They are made with a palm nut originally growing in Ecuador and which is ivory in colour and the size of a large egg.


It is estimated that already in the early 1920s, almost one third of the buttons used in the USA were made from corozo.

Corozo was the main material used to manufacture buttons on an industrial scale prior to the arrival of plastics and we might say that there are garments with this type of button to be found the world over.

These buttons are completely natural, very widespread and used in the garment and fashion industries as well as being among the best on the market. They are resistant and elegant because it is easy to work with and to dye corozo. This nut might look smooth, but once it has been cut, it reveals a honeycomb texture that absorbs colour perfectly and gives the finished button splendid, refined nuances of colour.

When dyed by soaking in special vats, the buttons will absorb any colour and take on a certain shine. Their ductile nature means that, according to their shape and size, these buttons are perfect for both casual and classical wear.

These are buttons with an excellent quality/price ratio and this has made them the most widely used type of jacket button in the tailored clothing sector.

It is also important to stress that the use of corozo for button manufacturing does not harm the forests of Ecuador, since in spite of the continued use and trade of this material, which is a source of income for the local populations, it seems never to run out.

The catalogue of Lozio ® products is always updated to offer customers a full range of up-to-the-minute fashion shades.  Buttons can be made in any colour and customised.

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Our fashion items: corozo, shell, metal buttons, metal press studs, metal jeans rivets, metal cover buttons, horn, casein, polyester, metal snap fasteners, metal hooks and eyes, tag pins, manual and automatic riveting machines.


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