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Hooks and eyes, buckles and eyelets

Hooks and eyes, eyelets and buckles: a world of small metal fittings, where Lozio ® stands out from the rest.


Eyelets are usually metal parts used on leather items and fabrics to create reinforced holes. They can be either round or oval.


They satisfy numerous needs for casual and elegant clothing, as well as being widely used in the packaging and footwear industries, where they serve to thread laces on both sports and elegant shoes.


They have different functions on a garment.

There are smaller ones, starting with a diameter of 3 mm, which serve to thread a cord, a drawstring to tighten the waist of a jacket, a pair of leisure trousers, etc... round eyelets are used for drawstrings while oval ones are more suited for threading tapes or ribbons.

There are much larger eyelets, even as big as 70 mm, which can be placed in various points on a jacket or coat. There are also air vent eyelets, with a thick breathable mesh, which serve as vents (under the arms for example); then there are eyelets that are mainly used on women's clothes, in which case they often serve a decorative purpose. Eyelets of identical or different sizes are placed alongside one another to create designs such as flowers or hearts and other decorative motifs. This type of use is mainly seen on jackets, shirts and jeans. Another classic way to use small eyelets is on tops with a front plaquet opening, where two rows of small ones are used to thread laces.

There are even giant eyelets, up to 150 mm in size, which are used to decorate leather jackets and create special ornamental, tone-on-tone motifs, using other fabrics and materials.

Standard eyelets are usually curved, while deluxe ones are flat. Lozio ® can supply both types with a vast array available in stock, ready for delivery. They can solve numerous aesthetic and functional problems for garments and leather goods, and the ones from Lozio ® are excellent quality, guaranteeing a lasting hold. They are quick and easy to apply using eyeleting machines supplied by Lozio ®, which can be semiautomatic or fully automatic or, for smaller quantities, eyelets can be applied using a manual press. When applying them to particularly resistant materials or garments of a certain quality, to guarantee the perfect result, it is preferable to make a hole first using a drilling machine. Applying eyelets is a rather quick and easy process. The base of the eyelet is usually in brass, but Lozio ® is also able to supply eyelets in any other type of metal, which can be plated using nickel-free galvanic dips to give them more golden, silver or burnished finishes.

Lozio ® can also assist customers in the creation and application of any type of eyelet.

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