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Manufacture of buttons and fashion accessories

The history of the Lozio ® button factory

A button factory that knows how to read the times.  From the founding of the first button factory belonging to the Lozio ® family, in Palazzolo sull’Oglio in the latter part of the 1800s, to the opening of the current factory – in the early 1950s – there was more than half a century of history in Italian button making; a period in which the manufacturing technology was greatly refined.  In Italy, button manufacturing mainly involved using vegetable ivory, corozo, in button factories in Palazzolo sull’Oglio and then at other button production companies in Piacenza.


Gradually, the metal buttons factory became a place where not only buttons were designed and made but also a place in which other fashion accessories were created and button-making equipment was fine tuned. All of these activities have always aimed at fastening, buttoning, and joining two parts of a garment or fashion accessory, keeping them together.


When Battista Lozio ® set up his metal buttons factory, he brought with him the experience of many other button factories from the 19th and early 20th centuries; pioneering button manufacturers had already improved the concepts behind production with techniques that had developed over the years, using increasingly advanced technologies.


An intelligent businessman, Battista Lozio ® brought together the experiences of others who had set up in button production and from there, began to develop new research and technology in the concept of button manufacture, taking his factory to a level where it was considered one of the best known and qualified on the market.  Running a factory also means being a spectator and at times, creator of the values of one’s time.


Since its invention, the button has also been a means of communication and the button factory the forge in which every request and whim can be worked with.  Buttons can be so precious that they create status symbols; they can identify a club, a society to which one belongs; they can state wealth, or depict a local culture; they can be unique, designer or represent an army.  In any case, buttons are and have always been an element of social distinction.  This is why those who manufacture buttons are present at and record all of the social changes of their time.

The button factory is the place where button manufacturing is transformed into fashion production and as a result, making buttons also means creating ideas. And it is by interpreting these changing habits, that Lozio ® makes its choices and proposals. From its beginnings in the 1960s, at the height of the economic boom, when buttons were protagonists of the garments made by great dressmakers and tailors, and the button factory was also the factory of dreams, to the present, when aesthetics, technology and attention to the environment have come together inside each and every button, the history of Lozio ® is mostly the story of a passion that is continuously renewed.

The stylised hornet, designed by Battista Lozio ® as the symbol of the company and which is still part of the Lozio ® brand, aimed to illustrate the company’s production in terms of hard work, dedication and the defensive skills needed to make way in the marketplace, still has all of the characteristics for which Lozio ® continues to stand out. The button factory is now in the hands of Lozio ®’s son, Nicola, who is continuing in the family tradition, with great passion and professionalism, and who has made Lozio ® a genuine and articulated Group with the ability to keep perfectly in step with the fashion industry.

The button factory is comprised of five different companies, with differentiated functions when it comes to the different management and operational areas.  This allows it to stand out from others on account of its dynamism and service and to achieve increasingly ambitious aims while maintaining a high level of competition and efficiency when it comes to button manufacture.

The world of the button factory is made of research, craftsmanship, and an obsessive attention to detail. It is also made of the countless materials that impose entrepreneurial skills of the highest level on the button factory and a certain level of business skills when it comes to choosing the materials that will become buttons, purchasing skills and the specific skills needed for each of the many materials that today’s button factory has to deal with.

In fact, button manufacturing is a complex world that needs to satisfy infinite needs and each button needs to be functional and to suit its use perfectly.  In the heart of every accessory or machine created by Lozio ®, is full knowledge of the materials (metals, thermoplastics, heat-setting materials, natural materials, etc. …), machining and working processes of the highest precision (from the construction of moulds to setting the production software and on, to assembly), regular innovation to technologies and last, but by no means least, attention to safety in the workplace and for the environment. Therefore, talking about button factories or button production mainly means talking about knowledge, research and technology. To transform a button factory into a modern and competitive enterprise, it is necessary to add to all this the ability of the factory to relate to the complex world of fashion, which is what any button manufacturing concern would have to be dealing with on a daily basis.

As well as being highly competitive in terms of its assortment of products and quality, Lozio ® is one of the button manufacturers for whom the word “service” is sacred.  As far as the garment industry is concerned, in all of its forms – from small business to industry – and with all its familiarity and skill when it comes to fashion accessories, no other sector will have the same expertise and information as those managing button production do.

Lozio ® is thus the best consultant when it comes to checking whether aesthetic and production choices have found, in the chosen button, all of the quality and finesse needed for haute couture garments or the right type of resistance and cost effectiveness for a garment destined to be made on a far larger scale.

Lozio ® is able to work alongside each single customer, accompanying them in the choice of the best button in quality/price ratio terms or in the choice of the best button full stop, where hand crafting means myriad different solutions.  Stringent controls made during every stage of production guarantee high levels of practical use and resistance for all accessories created using our fully automated "standard" processes.

For more prestigious products, only "manual" workmanship, managed by highly qualified personnel is a guarantee of quality that never fails to show the attention to detail and the reliability of finely crafted items.

Currently, Lozio ®’s buttons are able to satisfy all needs when it comes to buttons in natural materials, buttons for sewing in polyester and metal, cover buttons, tack buttons and jeans rivets, “Alpha”, Kappa” and “Mu” snap fasteners, eyelets, hooks and eyes, buckles and other fashion accessories, riveting machines, and “Calabrone ®” tag pins.

Thanks to a wide range of samples, which are constantly updated, to technologically cutting-edge facilities that can guarantee fast handling of orders, and to excellent sales force coordination, Lozio ® has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of accessories to the fashion industry for over fifty years.

A careful and sensitive observer of new trends, the company has always created and proposed its own ranges of items taking into account the importance of aesthetics as well as of quality, with the aim of responding to growing market demand – including from the fast fashion sector - with excellence.

International fashion has been choosing Lozio ®’s precious products for years, a reliable and versatile Italian business such as the Lozio ® button factory, a brand in the button industry that since it was founded, has constantly supported and improved its products according to market demand, which has become increasingly more attentive and exacting over the years.

Those who use the buttons, buckles, rivets, and hooks made by Lozio ® can button, fasten and join any type of garment with total confidence and convenience, being able to count on a full range of machinery to apply the purchased accessories. Commitment, passion and availability: standards that need to be respected and a “must” for Lozio ®, a button manufacturer that considers the satisfaction of its customers as the only path towards continued, genuine success!

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