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A small accessory and great technology!

What is a button? It would be too simple to answer: a small instrument, an accessory that men and women use to fasten two parts of a garment in knitwear or leather together.


In actual fact, from the time of its invention, the button has always been much more than this.  It is a cultural expression, a subliminal message that can convey power, wealth and nobility in a man or woman or more recently, a bold means of communication and company image, an element that makes a specific pair of jeans or a leather garment stand out, or the symbol of a designer and emphasised in collections.


The button is an accessory but it is also the accessory: it is the element that makes the difference and enhances a men’s or women’s garment, a leather item, a pair of jeans.  Elegant and classical buttons mean style; the perfectly shaped and coloured button is a design feature; new buttons mean fashion and get a great deal of media attention in spring/summer and autumn/winter collections.

Buttons are material, colour and shape, and they allow the wearer’s personality to stand out, enhancing a garment, a leather item, or some jeans. Spring/summer and autumn/winter collections by the great designers face off against one another with their material weaves and buttons.

There is no need to be in the fashion industry to know that even a cheap garment can become unique and prestigious if common buttons are replaced by more valuable ones with a well defined design, that jeans are easily recognised by their buttons and that a leather item with special buttons can become a showcase garment.

What is the first thing one look at to understand a person’s social and cultural level of a person, before their shoes and bag?  The buttons of course!  At least this is what happens throughout the whole designer fashion, clothing and leather industries.

Who are Lozio ®’s clients? What is the company’s reference industry? Who does it usually deal with?

Designer fashion and collections, men’s and women’s clothing, knitwear, leather and jeans.  But it also deals with the packaging industry, since this has always used snap fasteners for its design proposals.

From the time it was founded, Lozio ® has continued to work towards achieving all of the characteristics needed to give its customers the very best: quality materials, technological research, versatile product proposals, professionalism, speed and service.  This is what has brought Lozio ® to the attention of fashion, clothing and leather designers in Italy and all over the world.

Any button manufacturer dealing with fashion and clothing knows that men’s and women’s spring/summer and autumn/winter collections are the company’s most important test bench.  It is then that Lozio ® works to offer consultancy services to enable clients to find the perfect button for each garment that will be included in new collections and for each single part of the item.

Today’s production technology is within the range of many button manufacturers, but Lozio ® stands out for the type and quality of the services it offers, which are the result of the company’s passion and dedication to its work, and aim at achieving customer satisfaction, whether in the designer fashion or men’s and women’s clothing, jeans or leather goods industries or packaging manufacture.  For some time, the packaging industry has been inspired by the fashion world and now uses snap fasteners as against any other type of fastening.

Fashion. When starting to put together their spring/summer and autumn/winter collections, important designers know they can trust Lozio ® because it is an experienced company that has never rested on its laurels and which is always ready for new challenges, new goals and new applications when it comes to proposing accessories for garments and for men’s and women’s collections with a new look every time.

The jeans and leather worlds need lasting, riveted buttons that help garments to stand out for their style and technology and in the same way, the packaging industry seeks the best quality/price ratio and the best technology to bring fashion and design to the office, school and leisure.  The fashion world is always seeking something more from its collections, to be one step ahead, innovating and at the same time, seeking the details, the manually crafted features, the handcrafted part that make men’s or women’s garments stand head and shoulders above the rest. These details are what make every spring/summer and autumn/winter collection a distinctive point of reference.  

Lozio ® is ready for the future, thanks to the strengths of its past 

Today, a button manufacturer wishing to develop its own market, to be able to select its own clients and offer the best possible service to both the designer fashion industry with its collections and garments and to the jeans, knitwear and leather areas, needs to be able to look back as well as looking forwards, in Italy and in the rest of the world.

Looking back helps Lozio ® not to forget its long-standing history and traditions, starting from Palazzolo sull'Oglio, in the last quarter of the 19th century, with its myriad changes in both men’s and women’s fashions, with infinite spring/summer and autumn/winter collections and which contributed to making the button a fashion accessory, working always to satisfy the femininity of women and men’s quest for style, understanding when the fashion industry was changing into a more complex production system.

When tailors became designers and when spring/summer and autumn/winter collections began to become poles of media attraction and showcased the world over, the whole fashion and design world underwent a cultural transformation and an entrepreneurial revolution.

Designers have had to deal, on one hand, with their own creativity, expanding it to levels of pure art and using their names to create business on an international scale, becoming great managers and business people of international importance.

Fashion: the importance of consultancy from those who manufacture accessories

In these precarious economic times, research has become fundamentally important in design and technology and as a result, the advice and consultancy of accessories manufacturers is also extremely important.

Jeans: from leisure wear to fashion wear

Even jeans have gone from clothing to be worn in free time to fashion items, garments for collections, luxury clothing and accessory at the same time.  Jeans mania has crossed the generations and the different social classes.

Leather today: high-tech, advanced design

The leather industry too, which had always been divided radically into leisure wear or work wear for men or feminine items with a host of decorations and embellishments for women, has undergone significant developments and now offers high-tech, designer items.

Lozio ® has also looked back to reconstruct the long and complex path of leather clothing, the thousands of interpretations in fashion and men’s and women’s spring/summer and autumn/winter collections, and the extraordinary development of the button in this industry.  Design, materials and application techniques have taken garments that were once used in specific circumstances to a new level of undisputedly refined clothing and design items at the same time.

Lozio ®, button manufacturing looks forward

Lozio ® is able to look forward and prepare for new changes, for the increasingly specific demands of fashion, design, collections and industry, and it continues to keep up to date with the spread of packaging industry solutions to make life in the office and home easier. It also looks ahead to offer the world of jeans and leather buttons and riveting machines that are increasingly ductile, perfect and fast.

Lozio ® looks ahead to offer the world of fashion and men’s and women’s clothing new solutions, new materials, new dimensions and new applications. It looks ahead to be closer to the whole clothing industry when it comes to preparing samples, new fashion proposals and to completing important men’s and women’s clothing items with important buttons.

Lozio ® looks to Italy, which is an endless source of beauty and harmonious forms and colours, to widen the range of its catalogue for men’s and women’s collections; it looks to the global marketplace to garner inspiration for new designs from different cultures with different styles for men and women and different ways of conceiving fashion, clothing and design proposals.

Today, those working in fashion design are mainly dealing with technologies, fabrics, and accessories, meaning that they are always on the lookout for consultants with whom they can compare notes. The single concept of supplier is a concept with increasingly less meaning in the world of men’s and women’s fashion and clothing.

Design and quality fashion accessories

Design is now a part of every expression of quality of living and no item is exempt from careful scrutiny of the quality of its details and accessories. Buttons, tack buttons, metal accessories and leather buttons are all leading parts of the fashion industry, of collections, of clothing and in particular, of the design behind an item of men’s or women’s clothing.

It is therefore fundamentally important for there to be skill and ability to dialogue with the fashion world, the clothing industry, with design, with jeans and leather wear manufacturers, in order to be able to suggest the perfect button for all of the spring/summer and autumn/winter collections, every time.

Lozio ®, an incredible range of buttons and materials

More specifically, Lozio ® manufactures buttons in a broad range of materials to satisfy the demands of the fashion and clothing industries: from shell to casein, natural horn, corozo, polyester and metal, plus jewelled and rhinestone buttons. Lozio ® also provides the fashion and clothing industries with cover buttons and machinery to cover buttons and buckles.

Lozio ® also makes a vast range of snap fasteners and tack buttons and jeans rivets, hooks, eyelets and buckles, plus other metal parts needed by the clothing industry in general and more specifically, for leather items and jeans production. There is a wide assortment of different tack buttons and of course, all tack buttons can be customised with engraved or relief designs, as can the jeans rivets.

Equipment for applying buttons and buckles

Lozio ® also sells all of the equipment needed for applying buttons, buckles and other accessories, for leather items as well as for jeans production.

Lozio ® for men’s and women’s wear collections     

The spring/summer and autumn/winter collections are not just a test bench for designers and for the whole garment industry, they are also a moment of truth for all of those businesses working in fashion accessories and of all these, buttons are definitely an accessory of prime importance.

Men’s or women’s outfitting are just clichés if there is no knowledge of the basic rules of men’s and women’s accessories. In particular, buttons comply with precise rules of classic style, which can also be changed and reinvented, but they cannot be upturned with taste and discretion if this is not based on a profound knowledge of button rules.

The classical nature of the button means that it should be measured in lignes (English size) and not millimetres; a ligne is one fortieth of an inch. Therefore, a size 40 button is a button measuring one inch (25.41 mm). In particular, for men’s outfitting, according to classical clothing standards, it is necessary to follow precise rules concerning button diameter on each part of the jacket or shirt, as well as distances and thickness. For women’s outfitting, if the garment is to meet with expectations, then it is necessary to be familiar with an infinite range of materials that are used to make many types of rhinestone and jewelled buttons, cover buttons, etc … 

The button is therefore an accessory of distinction, one of the accessories in men’s and women’s spring/summer or autumn/winter collections. In this case, consultancy from Lozio ® plays a fundamental part in helping to make the right choices.

What is more, men’s and women’s spring/summer or autumn/winter collections do not just involve the great designers; we should not forget the larger off-the-rack collections or in other words, all of the production line items that bring the work of fashion designers to a larger market and where buttons, like any other accessory on a garment, need to meet with exact quality standards, even if on a more industrial and cost-effective scale.

The off-the-rack collections are perhaps harder work for accessory businesses since in this case, vast experience and technology, top quality and taste need to be combined with a significant knowledge of materials, design and the market. In fact, the button is the accessory that often makes the biggest difference to a garment and it continues to play a fundamental role even for those men’s and women’s collections that will be made on industrial scale.

Lozio ® for jeans and leather wear

Over the years, jeans have evolved and changed many, many times, passing from alternative wear by people who snubbed the concept of designer clothing, to the men’s and women’s spring/summer and autumn/winter collections of big names and creative designers in the fashion industry.  Their very nature makes jeans a structure not unlike a canvas for a painter, which can be enhanced and customised with inserts, embroidery and rhinestones but mostly, with buttons.

Tack buttons and jeans rivets are what make the difference and distinguish a designer pair from counterfeits.  For many years, Lozio ® has been making all types of customised tack button and jeans rivets, as well as supplying and selling riveting machinery for applying both buttons and rivets to jeans.

Lozio ® for leather wear

In the leather industry, as well as the more traditional use for bags, wallets and belts, which are the foundation of the industry, for many years there has been a growing interest in two types of leather item: haute couture and fashion collections, where buttons for men and women are notably different and comply with classic criteria and then there are leather wear collections where, on the contrary, the garments are mainly unisex and therefore, buttons and accessories meet with design and practical requirements independently of whether or not the item is for men or women.

Lozio ® is able to meet all leather wear requirements too: from bolder uses to designer wear and men’s and women’s collections and more industrialised leather wear, where quality, price and materials need to form a perfect equilibrium.

Lozio ® for the packaging industry

The packaging industry is a world that never stands still.  The packaging industry is, as ever based on ingeniousness that once went hand in hand with craftsmanship and is now hand in hand with technology.

In the history of the evolution of the packaging industry, a great deal of importance has always been placed on the system for closing binders and folders, envelopes and boxes, cases and other containers.  All of these filing systems are a vital part of any office.

The use of snap fasteners in the packaging industry

In the last few decades and with great results in terms of style, design and taste, the packaging industry has invaded the worlds of school and home, proposing increasingly eye catching, extraordinarily practical accessories for use in schools and the home. This extraordinary evolution in terms of intended use, has seen the modern packaging industry go with snap fasteners as the most used and the most reliable.

From the packaging industry to the office; fastenings were made using tapes first and then elastics and now, snap fasteners.  This has not been an immediate process but thanks to the work of many design experts, today, the packaging industry uses snap fasteners to the same extent as the clothing industry. Actually, the packaging industry needs snap fasteners more than any other production sector.

The great revolution in the packaging industry came when folders and binders began to be made with a snap fastener to close them; but when the snap fastener became part of the assembly process for binders and boxes, it meant that anyone, even the least expert in packaging, was able to purchase flat boxes and make them into boxes for offices, wardrobes and storage.

Of course, the size of binders and boxes mean high storage, packing and transport costs which it would be difficult for the packaging industries to bear; this is one of the main reasons for the use of snap fasteners instead of glue, staples and binding techniques.

Packaging manufacture designs, through the use of snap fasteners, have made the industry a manufacturing area that continues to enjoy growth, while offering the items made in this sector a higher quality aesthetic with which to draw in customers from school age onwards.

Lozio ® has always paid a good deal of attention to new needs in design and being able to keep in line with the times, has never limited itself to considering snap fasteners as mere accessories on men’s and women’s wear; on the contrary, it is a precious supplier and consultant, serving the packaging industry with quality, reliability and fast turnaround times.

Machines for snap fastener application

Lozio ® also supplies the packaging industry with suitable machinery and equipment to satisfy the need to insert buttons in the variegated world of shapes that the packaging industry has to offer the marketplace. The materials used to make buttons in the packaging industry are mainly iron and plastic, while the range of colours is practically endless.

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