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Lozio ® Metal Buttons

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Metal buttons made by Lozio ®

Sometimes the word button is not enough to indicate all of the variations and enhancements that contribute to making buttons more than just applied accessories since what they are is protagonists of an item of clothing, almost as if an entire garment were created to suit its buttons and not the other way around.


This range of important buttons most certainly includes those made in metal.


In the 1700s, metal buttons were made in gold or silver and therefore, extremely precious and available only to the few.  In many 19th-century novels, mention is made of unfortunate people, fallen on hard times, who even have to sell their precious gold or silver buttons from their best clothes. And so goes the story of these buttons which even today are still charming to look at with some also enhanced with gems.


These buttons have a base in brass or stainless steel and almost always, a shank. They are sewn to clothes through an eyelet so as to keep the top of the button in one piece and without holes. This means that they can be decorated with engravings, relief designs, crests, ornamental motifs, etc.

In fact, these buttons are used in particular on elegant women’s suits and men’s jackets as well as on ceremonial military uniforms and in general, on all those uniforms requiring a certain distinction, such as the Air force or the Navy.

The base of all these buttons is plated with a fine layer of a second metal, which could be gilded, burnished, silver-plated, etc. and fixed via electrolysis in a galvanic dip, as used for metal buttons of all types.

Lozio ® only uses “nickel-free” galvanic dips for its metal buttons so as to prevent any allergic reactions that might be caused through the release of the nickel.

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Our fashion items: metal buttons, metal snap fasteners, metal cover buttons, horn, casein, polyester, metal press studs, metal jeans rivets, metal hooks and eyes, corozo, shell, tag pins, manual and automatic riveting machines.


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