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Jeans buttons

What would the world be without jeans? No one is able to imagine it any more. Jeans have certainly represented one of the most important clothing revolutions in the entire history of fashion and modern sociology, the world over.


The history of great inventions is mainly divided into two areas: inventions that happened by chance, on account of a mistake or of trying something out, and inventions that happened due to needs, to meet a requirement of the time and which then went on to become a part of our history. The invention of jeans is this second type and of course, as ever, it is linked to the genius of one person: in this case, a Mr Levi Strauss.


In 1853, the gold rush in California was in full swing. Levi Strauss, 24, of Bavarian origin, travelled there in the hope of making some money by selling prospectors rough canvas tents with which to cover their carts. Legend would have it that someone cut him short with: "What do you mean canvases, you should have brought us pants that won't tear in the mines!". That is what was needed: trousers so strong that nails, wind, rain or mud would not deform or destroy them. The material was available to make them: it was the canvas used for the sails on ships arriving from Italy (jeans is an Anglicism of the phrase "bleu de Gênes" or in other words, blue from Genoa, the city from whence the ships would set sail) and from France (denim: a fabric with the same characteristics, made in the city of Nîmes and known as "serge de Nîmes," and later, more simply as "denim"). And thus, jeans were born. Trousers conceived this way could certainly not disappoint when it came to fastenings and therefore, we can only say that the importance of jeans is tied up to the importance of the jeans button.


The success of jeans buttons is most certainly down to their high reliability, resistance and quick application.

Jeans button is the more common term for jeans buttons, which are comprised of two parts, plus a fabric buttonhole. The most common materials for jeans buttons and jeans rivets are: brass, copper, stainless steel or Zama.

The standard sizes for jeans buttons are 17 millimetres for the main button, which goes on the waistband and 14 millimetres for the fly buttons. However, the clothing industry is forced to follow the strange dictates of fashion and even the size of jeans buttons has evolved and now they are available in 22, 24, 28 millimetre sizes, etc... Lozio ® can guarantee a vast range of jeans buttons to suit all needs and it is always ready to satisfy customer requirements, whether technical or aesthetic and linked to fashion trends. Lozio ® offers a product of the highest quality and endless possibilities when it comes to materials and customised items. It can satisfy the myriad interpretations that haute couture has offered and continues to offer the market, where creativity and renewal have made jeans buttons and jeans rivets the undisputed protagonists of this "cult" item of clothing, as it is on the buttons and rivets that each designer places their name or mark, their distinguishing feature.

Making sure that the brand is visible on the buttons (main button) and reinforcement rivets at the corners of the pockets is generally a good way to recognise an original pair of jeans; these accessories have therefore also become increasingly important as a means of combating counterfeits of original brands.

Collectors of jeans buttons can be found all over the world and they are genuine "jeans button addicts," always on the lookout for more examples.

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