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Jeans rivets

When jeans were invented in around 1850, the jeans rivet did not exist. A few years on, Levi-Strauss, the "father" of jeans, realised that the trousers subjected to so much stress and harsh treatment by the gold prospectors of California had weak points around the pockets. The true or at least most plausible-sounding story goes that in 1860, Jacob Davis, a tailor in Canon City, had the idea of reinforcing trousers with copper rivets at the corners of the pockets, where the fabric undergoes the greatest stress. This idea was approved by Levi Strauss and patented in 1873. And from that moment on, the jeans rivet would quickly go on to become a widespread success.


Jeans rivets, which are no less important than the jeans button, have a place of honour in the world of metal parts. They are essential for reinforcing the corners of jeans pockets and also form the typical details that transform a simple item of clothing into a fashion garment. Those who look at jeans rivets before looking at the jeans as a whole are most definitely fashion industry professionals.


The patent for jeans rivets is almost as important as the invention of jeans themselves, as it is only thanks to the rivets that jeans pockets are as strong and able to keep their shape as the trousers themselves. Without rivets, jeans would be imperfect garments, since they would become ruined in the pocket area - a vital part of trousers worn for leisure. The most classical rivet, which has kept its original name, is the Levi's rivet; the other two types are known as the Lee and the Wrangler.


Lozio ® knows how to solve customer problems when it comes to jeans rivets. First of all, we keep a large stock of jeans rivets constantly available and up to date. Our range of rivets is also extremely large.

In the same way as for jeans buttons, jeans rivets too offer lots of scope to distinguish them in terms of colour: nickel, gold, bronze, etc... and of finish: antique opaque, polished, etc... as for any other type of small metal accessory. Of course, the best way to enhance a pair of jeans is to put a logo, a mark or a symbol on them. Lozio ® is able to satisfy all requirements when it comes to customising jeans buttons and jeans rivets; in fact, both buttons and rivets can be given characteristic engraved or relief designs. Lozio ® also supplies riveting pliers for quick, safe rivet application.

Lozio ® stands out for its production of jeans buttons and jeans rivets as well as for all related metal parts, which are an important item in the balance sheet of a button manufacturer serving the world's best international brands for jeans and denim fashion.

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