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Our products for international fashion

Buttoning up… looks easy!

When we fasten the buttons on a shirt or jacket, it is not easy for us to imagine just how complex and articulated the world of button manufacturing really is.


A gesture that is so simple and so every day that anyone knows how to do it, to the extent that there is even a saying in Italian - “non sa neppure allacciare un bottone della camicia” [he can’t even do up his own shirt buttons] - to indicate someone who doesn’t know how to do anything, unwinds into a world that is extremely fascinating and multiform, and only a great passion and sense of professionalism can support it with success.


For almost a century, every day Lozio « has renewed its ability to research, study, create and propose the infinite ways of interpreting the meaning of the word button.

The range of products is truly boundless, so here we have listed the main families of materials, ranging from shell and horn to casein, corozo and polyester, and including jewelled buttons, rhinestone buttons and cover buttons. All buttons made by Lozio «, whether in shell, horn or other materials, can be customised with engraved or relief designs.

The choice of the international fashion world

For years, international fashion has been choosing a reliable, versatile Italian name, such as Lozio « for its prestigious items. From the time it was established, this brand has been supporting and improving its products in line with increasingly exacting market demand.

Those who use our buttons, buckles, rivets, and hooks are able to button up, fasten and join any type of garment with complete confidence and convenience, as well as being able to count on a full range of machinery to apply the accessories they purchase.

Lozio « has a wide range of samples and is able to provide the fashion and clothing industry with all of the accessories needed to make elegant items of quality!

Our main fashion accessories:

Shell buttons

Shell buttons are made from Australian mother of pearl, a bivalve mollusc that contains the largest and most prestigious cultured pearls in the world, farmed in different zones - mainly in north and western Australia since the 1950s.


Horn buttons

The different intensities of colour are infinite on horn buttons, since each animal has its own, unrepeatable pigmentation. Horn buttons are the ones that have the greatest number of imitations.


Corozo buttons

Buttons in corozo, which is also known as vegetable ivory, first made their appearance in and around 1870 in Germany and immediately after in Italy. They are made with a palm nut originally from Ecuador.



Casein buttons

Casein buttons are excellent for imitating such materials as wood, tortoiseshell and horn and when they first came on the scene, they were a revolutionary element of the industrial system of button manufacturing.  Today, these buttons are used to accentuate the creativity of fashion designers who work on an industrial scale.



Cover buttons

Why cover a button with fabric or leather?  Definitely not to hide it, but to enhance it, to give it the same role and value as the fabric and the style of the dress.  The history of cover buttons began in 1844, when Frenchman Parent invented buttons with a shank.



Tack buttons and jeans rivets

The standard sizes for tack buttons are 17 millimetres for the main button, which goes on the waistband and 14 millimetres for the fly buttons.  However, the clothing industry is forced to follow the strangeness of fashion and even the size of tack buttons has evolved.


Metal buttons

Metal buttons are especially used for elegant women’s suits and men’s jackets, as well as for ceremonial military uniforms.  The base of all metal buttons is plated with a fine layer of a second metal, for effects ranging from gilded to burnished, silver-plated, etc.



Rhinestone - jewel buttons

The rhinestone buttons made by Lozio« have a name that is familiar to everyone: Swarovski, the most prestigious, the rhinestones that really shine, giving off a light of their own. Czech and Korean rhinestones are available, but Swarovski rhinestones are far, far better.



Polyester buttons

These are the most used buttons in the world, for garments made on an industrial scale and they satisfy the many aesthetic and quality application needs.  These buttons are made with a liquid polyester resin, which is mixed with other chemical substances.



Calabrone « tag pins

To maintain its high standards, over the course of the years, Lozio « has constantly improved on the quality of its products, going as far as creating the sold Italian tag pin in thermoplastic material, protected by patent.



Hooks and eyes, buckles and eyelets

Hooks and eyes, eyelets and buckles: a world of metal fittings in which Lozio « stands out for the quality and assortment of its products.



Riveting machines

Riveting machine for garments, made by Lozio «, range from machines to apply snap fasteners to machines for the application of  tack buttons and jeans rivets, from eyelet machines to pneumatic, automatic, semi-automatic and electric machines.


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Our fashion items: metal buttons, polyester, metal jeans rivets, metal hooks and eyes, horn, shell, casein, metal press studs, metal snap fasteners, metal cover buttons, corozo, tag pins, manual and automatic riveting machines.