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Rhinestone buttons - Jewelled buttons

Generally starting out with a metal base, Lozio ® creates wonderful rhinestone or jewelled buttons. Rhinestone buttons have been coming into and going out of fashion continually for years. Even in the 1920s, the perfect wardrobe of an elegant lady had to have at least one pair of shoes with straps fastened using rhinestone buttons.


For some periods, such as during the war years, rhinestone buttons disappeared from clothing but reappeared soon after, as soon as life got back to normal, which was when rhinestone buttons became almost a flag to the rebirth of new elegance. Not all rhinestone buttons are of great quality.


The rhinestone buttons made by Lozio ® have a name that is familiar to everyone: Swarovski, the most prestigious, the rhinestones that really shine, giving off a light of their own. Czech  - from Bohemia - and Korean rhinestones are available, but Swarovski rhinestones are by far the best.

There are two types of rhinestone button: hot fix and conical base.  Hot fix rhinestones for buttons have a flat bottom and are applied by iron or special hot fix applicators for rhinestone buttons; of course, the flat and opaque bottom makes them lose the majority of their natural brilliance.

Lozio ® only uses Swarovski rhinestones with a conical bottom to make its rhinestone buttons. The stones are set in a metal base so that light can filter through, creating stupendous reflections and a brilliance that enhance the garments on which they are used significantly.

Rhinestone buttons are used on women’s day and evening wear and also on jeans. Rhinestone buttons are not the only form of jewelled button. The desire to decorate an item of clothing or a shoe with jewelled buttons has always existed. From the earliest times there are traces of jewelled buttons or at least, what constituted “jewels” for the period, made with the most precious materials of the moment, even if today we would probably not consider them as jewelled buttons at all.

The real jewelled button, as we might think of it today, dates back to the Middle Ages and the desire of the nobility to show themselves as being richer and more powerful than others. If men could show off their power with armies and estates, then women would show off their jewelled buttons, with crystals, amber, pearls or ultra-fine filigree.

The fashion for jewelled buttons has never died out and even today, fabulous women’s outfits are the perfect foil for precious and refined jewelled buttons. The base is in metal, as metal forms an excellent solid and lasting core on which to create the jewelled button.

Brass and steel plated with gold

The base of the jewelled button is mainly in brass or stainless steel.  This base is then developed by the imagination of the designer or manufacturer. The majority of jewelled buttons are actually made in gold. Gold is not the only material. The manufacturing process consists of passing the metal buttons in a galvanic dip, where a fine layer of gold is plated onto the button via electrolysis. The extraordinary result is also extremely long lasting.

Enamel for a “Chinese lacquer” effect

Another way to create jewelled buttons is that of applying enamel, manually. The base is still comprised of a metal button, with special openings inside through which the enamel is applied by expert hands, using special needles and a doser syringe to achieve a Chinese lacquer effect.

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