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Why choose us?

We are the button factory with the longest-standing, deepest-rooted business tradition in Italy. For us, customers mean much more than a question of pride: statistics going back over the last ten years of business have shown that the main reason for which our customers choose us and choose to stay with us, is the speed and precision with which we serve them, as well as for the importance with which they are rightly treated.

It is our customer policy to "pumper" our customers until they are completely satisfied with the service they receive.

We can only be satisfied when our customers are too.

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We are known for our top-rate customer service, first of all because we always pay special attention to our customers and since the majority of them are "established" clients, we are already familiar with the specific administration required for each one. What this means is that we can adapt to our customers rather than rigidly trying to force them to adapt to our administrative procedures.

We work to provide products of the highest quality and in fact besides carrying out controls and inspections both on samples and systematically, we treat our quality process with the same importance it would have if we ourselves were the clients.
When we are satisfied with the product, both in terms of design and also of quality, then and only then do we make it available to our customers.

We have significant stocks of items so that we can guarantee rapid delivery times. In fact we have changed our structure so that we can also offer a better service to those customers who work with the so-called “semi programmed” or “flash” method. We are successful in providing customers with goods in turnaround times that really seem “impossible”. In latter years, the markets have continued to change, with the introduction of computers, globalisation, and even because of recession in different geographical areas and so, being able to count on warehouse stocks and guarantee very fast turnaround has allowed us to gain new clients and always to deliver our orders on time.

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We focus on communication with our customers, as a means of better understanding their needs and to offer them the best possible product, something that will meet with real satisfaction. We try to understand totally what customers are saying so that nothing is left to chance.

We are proud of our punctual delivery times and in fact, in the last few years the percentage of shipments arriving late is more or less zero.

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cover metal buttons - button factory Lozio ®

We are leaders in providing samples when it comes to speed and reliability. In fact, samples are an essential part of deciding and scheduling new productions as well as for satisfying the needs of the fashion industry and also to stay ahead of the markets. Samples are not only a duty to the customer; they also mean new items to be discovered, together.

We offer the best possible value for money and in fact, our organisation has a fast, slimmed down administration process so as not to have to pass on the cost of any bureaucratic procedures. Here too, it is possible to read between the lines and understand how important we consider our customer service to be.

The Lozio button factory ® is able to aid customers in the creation and application of any type of small metal part.

The catalogue of Lozio button factory ®  products is constantly updated to offer customers the full range of current fashion shades. We can make any colour tone and customised features.

Ask our button factory dedicated samples for your needs.

Button factory Lozio ® fashion production: metal buttons, polyester buttons, jeans rivets, metal hook, horn buttons, shell buttons, casein buttons , automatic buttons, press studs, cover buttons, corozo buttons, metal accessories.

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