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Hooks and eyes, buckles and eyelets

Hooks and eyes, eyelets and buckles: a world of small metal fittings, where Lozio ® stands out from the rest.


There is a whole world that surrounds the button and it consists of precious metal, plastic or covered accessories, which complete the range of items and product proposals from Lozio ®. This is a wide-ranging area and one in which Lozio ® stands out on account of its consultancy role when it comes to custom-made items. A major element amongst these accessories is definitely the buckle.


Buckles data back to ancient times, when they were used to hold together two parts of a piece of material. The word buckle comes to us from the Latin "buccula" or cheek strap, such as used on a helmet, and from that time on, they have continued to fill more or less the same role: practical elements to fasten and close garments as well as decorative features to enhance an outfit.


The use of the buckle became more and more widespread in all nations with its application on military wear, since belts and their buckles have been a characteristic feature of military uniforms throughout the world since the time of the Romans. Another boost to the creativity behind the buckle has come from the world of rock music, from sports such as boxing, and from motorcycling, where buckles are not so much a decorative feature as distinguishing ones, showing membership of a particular group. Of course, in this case, we are talking about exaggerated uses of an accessory that has above all been seen as a distinctive mark of elegance throughout fashion history.


When talking about buckles, we actually mean a whole area that is a complete product sector within the clothing industry, and part of both men's and women's garment accessories.

Buckles, on a par with buttons, have always been one of the details that make the difference. Sometimes mediocre belts can be greatly improved with a stylish buckle. It is an extremely varied and fascinating area because buckles are a very powerful point of visual attraction in the economy of a garment. Buckles are often positioned at waist height, i.e., practically in the centre of the body and therefore, in one of the most visible areas. Sometimes, for winter garments, buckles are placed close to the cuffs and therefore, already very prominent when shaking someone's hand for the first time.

Classical buckles are comprised of a frame, to which a prong is fitted and this then inserts into one of the holes in the end of the belt. But how many shapes, sizes and features are there for buckles? As many as there are designers and fashion creators, is the reply. Round buckles, square buckles, rectangular buckles, oval buckles, buckles in the shape of initials, metal buckles, plastic buckles, and cover buckles.

The list of buckle types would appear to be endless. In the field of cover buckles alone, Lozio ® has a catalogue of several hundred models. In this sector, too, Lozio ® can boast a vast experience that places it amongst the companies most in demand as buckle suppliers and above all, as a consultant when it comes to supplying specially created, custom-made models.

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