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Shell buttons made by Lozio ®

Shell buttons are one of Lozio ®’s flagship items.

Mother of pearl has been used since ancient times to enhance clothing or hairstyles on account of its beautiful ever-changing colours.  Shell buttons are completely natural and used in a wide range of applications, from shirts to jackets.


Australian mother of pearl is the main source for shell buttons and it is also the most prestigious source for the production of top-quality buttons, entirely made by hand.


Shell buttons are made from Australian mother of pearl, a bivalve mollusc that contains the largest and most prestigious cultured pearls in the world, farmed in different zones – mainly in north and western Australia since the 1950s.


The thickness of the oyster shell used to make buttons can reach 3.5 centimetres in some points and the thicker the mother of pearl, the larger and more perfect the pearl it contains.  For the same reason, the larger and thicker the mother of pearl used, the better the end result.

Since the thickness changes inside the same piece of mother of pearl, so will the button thickness change and therefore, the possibility to use a certain number of buttons of the same thickness will give a garment a matchless added value.

Another source used to great effect for making shell buttons and one with excellent end results is Tahitian mother of pearl. These are black-lipped oysters from the Pinctada margaritifera species, mainly farmed in the lagoons of the islands of French Polynesia, and more commonly known as "Tahitian oyster". Mother of pearl from Tahiti is one of the best for making buttons since it is much thicker than other similar types, such as freshwater or Akoya oysters and production rules require a minimum thickness of 0.8 mm.

Buttons in Tahitian mother of pearl have wonderful changing shades across the whole range of greys, from gunmetal to more silver, brighter and iridescent tones.

Shell buttons also include buttons in trocas.

In actual fact, trocas is not a real mother of pearl; it comes from the shell family but has all of the opalescence of mother of pearl. Trocas is a conical shell from a gastropod living on the western coasts of the Indian ocean (Eritrea and Sudan) and it is perfect for making buttons.  The shiny part, which is the front of the button, is the part in which the animal “lived”.

The back of a shell button always has a residue, known as the "crust," which corresponds to the outer shell and it can be whitish, pink or even darker, tending to green.  Trocas is slightly more opaque than mother of pearl and therefore, it has a wider range of application.  When it is thick and well worked, the result has nothing to envy of the more prestigious models in real mother of pearl.

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