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Snap fasteners,tack buttons made by Lozio ®


Snap fasteners, rivets and tack buttons: practical fastenings make fashion

When talking about metal fastenings in the button manufacturing field, all those slot in joints used to fasten two parts of a garment will also spring to mind, since these have developed from practical use to becoming a part of the fashion system and the collections of important designers the world over.


Of course, these are not general metal fastenings, they are a whole range of complex, fascinating and totally "up-to-date" methods and buttons that are applied using riveting techniques on casual and elegant clothing.


Snap fasteners

It seems that for the first time snap fasteners were mentioned is in the Divina Commedia, where Dante, referring to a garment worn by Beatrice states: “pareva avesse le ciappette” [it seemed to have snap fasteners], with “ciappette” being a popular term, still in use today, for snap fasteners or press studs.


Of course, a pioneering form of snap fastener was already in use in the mid 1800s and it seems that all of the shirts of Garibaldi’s famous Mille  were made with snap fasteners, at the request of Garibaldi himself.


Certainly, it was an historical period in which practical clothing maintenance was fundamentally important and therefore, metal fastenings that in the 19th century began to be used in different areas other than ironmongery, burst onto the clothing scene, especially when it came to military clothing.

The official date for the appearance of snap fasteners in fashion history is 1885, when a further development in metal parts for clothing led to the creation of the snap fastener patented by German inventor, Heribert Bauer, began to be used on civilian clothing and they were buttons without button holes. Some, however, attribute the invention of snap fasteners to the Dane Bertel Sanders, more or less during the same period.

Snap fasteners, also known as press studs, are part of the different metal details and are generally made in brass or stainless steel. They are considered practical fasteners par excellence but they can also be elegant and of course, they are buttons with a certain style, which in the last decades has been very well interpreted by great designers, allowing them to become part of the exclusive world of designer fashion.  Formed by four parts, snap fasteners are divided into three well-defined categories: Alpha, Kappa and Mu fasteners, which are the groups for snap fasteners or press studs the world over.

The four parts of the fastener are: head/female-male/backer, which correspond to two parts of each of the two parts of fabric to be joined. Snap fasteners are therefore applied by riveting, during which, each pair of elements is firmly joined to the fabric by pressing, which deforms the metal, forcing the fabric between the two parts.

Alpha snap fasteners are press studs that are suitable for any type of application. Kappa snap fasteners have a superior resistance and are suitable for windproof jackets and similar garments plus they are used a lot on casual and sports clothing, work clothes and military wear. The two former categories of snap fasteners have a ring type closure, while Mu fasteners have prongs.

Snap fasteners with ring closure are better able to resist coming undone and have a tighter closure. They are perfect for use on particularly resistant garments made using heavier fabric, such as work wear or leather, where the use of metal parts is not just aesthetic, it is also a matter of safety.

Snap fasteners with prongs, however, have a system that combines resistance with reliability in cases where a lighter or medium strength fastening is needed. These fasteners are more suited to stretch fabrics and knitwear. The metal parts applied to knitwear needs to have advanced technological characteristics to allow the garment not to be damaged by the riveting process used to apply the fasteners.

The characteristic sound of a snap fastener is its “click” and quite a few image and ad campaigns have been designed around this, emphasising their practical use and wide range of applications. Snap fasteners or press studs in fact have the characteristic of being particularly versatile, since of all the metal parts, they are the ones that can be made with very different materials when it comes to price and colour.

The Lozio ® catalogue of snap fasteners does not just include an infinite range of snap fasteners for the fashion industry, in various sizes and with different characteristics, but it also includes snap fasteners for the packaging industry, a sector that has been using them successfully for many years.  Of course everyone has seen or bought files and folders for office use and these are held together and closed using snap fasteners.

Lozio ® also sells all types of manual, semiautomatic and automatic riveting machines for the application of snap fasteners and many other types of metal fitting.

Tack buttons and rivets

What would the world be without jeans? No one is able to imagine it any more. Jeans have certainly been one of the most important clothing revolutions in the entire history of fashion the world over, as well as in the history of modern sociology. As well as the thousands of different interpretations that haute couture has offered and continues to offer the market, tack buttons and jeans rivets are the undisputed protagonists of this “cult” item of clothing because it is on the buttons and rivets, on these small pieces of metal, that each designer places his name, his mark, his distinguishing feature.

Making sure that the brand is visible on the buttons (main button) and reinforcement rivets at the corners of the pockets is generally a good way to recognise an original pair of jeans and therefore, these accessories have also become increasingly important as a means of control against counterfeit models.

Collectors of tack buttons, jeans rivets and the metal parts that accompany them are often spread all over the world and are genuinely mad about tack buttons, rivets and metal parts. Tack button is the more common term for jeans buttons, which are comprised of two parts, plus a fabric buttonhole.

The most common materials for tack buttons and jeans rivets are: brass, copper, stainless steel or Zama.

The standard sizes for tack buttons are 17 millimetres for the main button, which goes on the waistband and 14 millimetres for the fly buttons. However, the clothing industry is forced to follow the strange dictates of fashion and even the size of tack buttons has evolved and now they are available in 22, 24, 28 millimetre sizes, etc …

No less important than the tack buttons are jeans rivets, which have a place of honour in the world of metal parts. They are essential for reinforcing the corners of jeans pockets and also form the typical details that transform a simple item of clothing into a fashion garment.  Those who look at jeans rivets before looking at the jeans as a whole are most definitely fashion industry professionals.

The invention of jeans rivets was the work of jeans manufacturer, Levi-Strauss and dated back to 1873; still today there is a type of rivet known as the Levi's jeans rivet.  The other two types of jeans rivet are Lee rivets and Wrangler rivets. In the same way as for tack buttons, jeans rivets too offer lots of scope to distinguish them in terms of colour: nickel, gold, bronze, etc… and of finish: antique opaque, polished, etc… as for any other type of small metal accessory.

Of course, the best way to improve tack buttons and jeans rivets is to distinguish them with your own brand, mark or symbol.

Lozio ® is able to satisfy all requirements when it comes to customising tack buttons and jeans rivets; in fact, both buttons and rivets can be given characteristic engraved or relief designs.

Lozio ® stands out for its production of tack buttons and jeans rivets as well as for all related metal parts, which are an important item in the balance sheet of a button manufacturer serving the world’s best international brands for jeans and fashion jeans.

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