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Horn buttons made by Lozio ®

Horn buttons mainly came into use in the mid 19th century, when the function of the button passed from a distinctive mark of wealth (gold and silver buttons) to a practical and useful accessory for daily life, but still suited to garments of a certain level. In fact, on account of their softness and variety of colour nuances, horn buttons possess a natural elegance that will raise the prestige of any garment.


The material used to make horn buttons comes from cows and buffalo from South America, India and Africa and is taken after the death of the animal, without affecting its natural life cycle. The processing cycle is complex and every part of the

 horn is used, according to its natural structure and appearance.


The result is one of two types of button: those made using the tip of the horn and those made using the wider section.


Horns are usually mainly hollow, except at the tip, and this is used to make buttons by cutting it into rounds. The top part of the hollow section is worked in steam at high temperatures, scored and laid out, at which point it becomes known as the crust. The crust is used to make other buttons. An expert eye can tell buttons made from the tip, which will have a semicircular grain, from those made from the crust, which will have a linear grain.  Horn buttons are particularly resistant to wear and different types of washing.

The different colour intensities of horn buttons are infinite and unique as each animal has its own, specific and unrepeatable pigmentation. These buttons are amongst those with the highest number of imitations.  In fact, there are many, many “horn” buttons on sale which are actually made in polyester and so well copied that only the makers of genuine horn buttons are able to tell the difference. Horn buttons are amongst the most in demand for high fashion items. Lozio ® supplies these buttons to numerous, prestigious brand names in Italian and international haute couture.

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