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Tag pins - clothing tags

Clothing tags

The Calabrone ® system for labelling clothing and other items

Tag pins

The Calabrone ® tagging system: an exclusive tagging system brand from Lozio ®.

As far back as 1830, luxury footwear in the city of New York and in the major capitals of Europe began to bear the label of the shoemaker. At this point, tailors too began to understand the importance of labels, the meaning of labelling and the value of placing a signal and also a seal on clothing and accessories.


From the outset, it was obvious how many concepts the label on a garment could convey; the meanings in a simple label – the mark of recognition of a garment, its origins, manufacturer, price and also a guarantee of authenticity, discouraging counterfeits and imitations.  Therefore, it was both a label and a hallmark.

These are the very same values of clothing and accessory tags and labels today, an importance that has not escaped Lozio ®, which has even patented its tagging system. The small stylised hornet that stands for the Lozio ® brand is not just an emblem for the company; Calabrone ® [hornet] is also the name of a tagging and sealing system that continues to be matchless, distinguishing Lozio ® not only as a company making and selling buttons and small metal parts for the clothing industry, but also as the holder of an exclusive patent for the tagging and sealing sector.

Certainly, the world of tags and labels for clothing and fashion accessories (but also packaging manufacturing and foods), have made the Calabrone ® system one of the most used and successful brands. In particular, in the fashion industry, tagging and applying tags and seals is not just a requirement; the tags themselves are a precious means of identification for the company. Tags have many functions, such as security tags and at the same time, they are a means of promotion, a way to apply prices and also to communicate the quality of the materials.

The cost-effectiveness/practical use of the Calabrone ® tagging system for clothing is certainly unobtainable with any other tagging method. Calabrone ® was developed with pins made in thermoplastic: Calabrone ® pins are available in polypropylene and nylon.

The pins used for the Calabrone ® system can be used for tagging garments and accessories with a Calabrone ® tagging gun or manual tagger. There is a wide range of Calabrone ® tag pins to satisfy all requirements;

With the Calabrone ® tagging system of pins and gun, tagging of any type of garment will be quick, easy and safe.

Calabrone ® tagging gun and pins to complete the service

Calabrone ® tag pins are packaged in 50-tag magazines for tagging guns. The standard colour of Calabrone ® pins is transparent, although Lozio ® can supply Calabrone ® tag pins in 13 different shades for orders of at least 500,000 units. With the tagging gun supplied, the application of tags and seals is extremely simple and guarantees fast tagging of any garment.

Calabrone ® tagging guns are in durable, resistant shockproof plastic and have an ergonomic shape for easy grip and practical use so that lots of tags can be attached at any one time. Thanks to the different sizes of needle and tag, the tagging gun can be used with any type of tag or seal and on any type of garment: from the most delicate weaves, such as silk scarves, to thicker and more resistant items.

Lozio ® only uses top quality Swiss needles, which it supplies as needed; this means that fine needle Calabrone ® tagging guns are available for delicate garments, tagging guns with normal needles for the majority of garments, and tagging guns with long needles for particularly hard or thick materials and suited, therefore, to sports or work wear and upholstery. The Calabrone ® tagging guns supplied by Lozio ® have been developed with a quality mechanism meaning that they are easier to handle than other tagging guns on the market.

The quick and easy use of Calabrone ® tagging guns makes them ideal for large quantities of items needing tags or seals; user stress and fatigue levels are far lower, too. Calabrone ® tagging is in fact quick and easy and the tagging guns are fast and easy to handle and do not tire the operator. Just insert the magazine into the gun and press the actuator on the handle.

Security seals for clothes and accessories

The Calabrone ® system for applying tags and seals does not just serve to identify or put a price on a garment, it is also a means of promoting a brand or to emphasise the materials with which it is made as well as being a seal against tampering.

For this reason, tagging needs to be done using tag pins for the Calabrone ® tagging and sealing system, such as Osaka pins, which once torn cannot be re-used. This occurs because once the pointed ends of the pins are threaded through the eyelets of the tag, the pins set themselves in an exact point and it is then possible to hear them click into place.

If the pins are pulled and the tags are tampered with, the arrow end is broken, making them impossible to use with other tags. This is one of the advantages of the Calabrone ® system.

Nylon tag pins by Lozio ® guarantee maximum strength and reliability for garments and other items. What is more, the whole area of clothing that is not easy to tag and all of the accessories and items needing tags or seals in areas where tagging guns cannot be used, can have tags applied using a manual system. The manual tag pins are available in different sizes and colours.

For those applications where a tagging gun is not suitable, there is a wide range of interlocking tag pins. This technology is used on a daily basis by thousands of businesses in the clothing, leather, packaging, footwear industries, etc., with a thorough and punctual delivery service.

Lozio ® is constantly renewing its catalogue of Calabrone ® tagging accessories.

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